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The fifth round of consultations with the EU on the preparation of the Ukraine Facility Plan has been completed
20.11.2023 | 16:51 | Section for Public and Mass Media Relations

On Tuesday, 14 November, the fifth round of consultations with the European Union delegation on the preparation of the Ukraine Facility Plan for 2024-2027 was completed. The two-day consultations at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine were also attended by representatives of relevant ministries and other government agencies involved in the preparation.

The key topics of discussion during the consultations with the EU representatives were the management of state assets, anti-corruption measures, the rule of law, and the framework agreements required to implement the Ukraine Facility Plan. The consultations also covered the document's priority sectors, including the energy industry. 

"The consultations with our partners allow us to take into account the comments and suggestions of the European Commission as early as at the stage of the preparation of the Plan. We ensure its compliance with high European standards, which will speed up the further approval of the document by the EU when the Ukraine Facility programme comes into force," said Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Trade Representative of Ukraine.

Currently, the Government is continuing to work on the draft Plan, with consultations with business, the public sector, and representatives of regional and local authorities, international partners, people's deputies and other stakeholders.

The Government's approval of the draft Plan will take place after the document takes into account the requirements that will be determined when the EU approves the Ukraine Facility programme. Subsequently, the Plan will be formally submitted to the European Commission for consideration, after which it must be approved by the Council of Europe.

As a reminder, the Ukraine Facility Plan is a technical document required for the implementation of the EU's financial support programme for Ukraine. The draft Ukraine Facility programme envisages the provision of EUR 50 billion to Ukraine in 2024-2027, of which EUR 39 billion will be allocated to the state budget to strengthen macro-financial stability. The support will be provided on a quarterly basis for meeting the criteria set out in the Plan for the implementation of the envisaged reforms. The Plan is not an overall reconstruction strategy, but will cover only a part of the government changes envisaged for the coming years, with a focus on macroeconomic growth.