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eRobota: Entrepreneurs Will Receive UAH 450 Million in Grants from the State for the Development of Processing Companies and Planting Gardens
09.09.2022 | 08:35

As part of the eRobota project, more than 1,000 entrepreneurs have already submitted applications for grants for the development of processing enterprises and the arrangement of gardens and greenhouses, 77 of which will receive funds from the state in the near future. This was reported by Tetiana Berezhna, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

“Today, we have 54 successful applications for grants from entrepreneurs planning to develop processing companies, and 23 – for planting gardens. The total amount of funds they will receive from the state is UAH 454 million. And already this autumn, farmers will have the opportunity to plant more than three hundred hectares of new gardens and strengthen the capacity of our processing industry,” Tetiana Berezhna said.

Grant recipients plan to arrange the largest number of gardens in Kyiv Oblast, namely 6 gardens, and 3 each in Zakarpattia and Lviv oblasts. 10 entrepreneurs who will receive funds in the near future intend to grow blueberries and bilberries, 8 will plant apple orchards. 8 new gardens will have an area of ​​20-25 hectares.

As for processing enterprises, grant recipients plan to develop activities in the fields of food production, furniture, chemicals and chemical products, finished metal products, wood processing and manufacturing of wood and cork products as well as textile production.

The Deputy Minister of Economy also noted that the government’s eRobota program has two goals, which are to activate entrepreneurship and increase the employment rate among Ukrainians via the creation of jobs by grant recipients. If the grant programs “Your garden” and in support of processing enterprises are implemented in the amount planned, about 200 thousand new jobs will be created in Ukraine. 

We remind you that grants for the development of the processing industry are provided for the purchase of the main means of production (machines, technological equipment) and cover the costs of their delivery and commissioning. The first 1,000 applicants will receive a grant of up to 70% of the project cost, the remaining 30% will be financed at their own expense. The maximum grant amount is UAH 8 million.

Grants for arranging a garden or greenhouse farm are provided for the construction of a modular greenhouse, purchase of means of production (planting material, seeds, technological equipment), covering the costs of their delivery and commissioning, or for planting and arranging a new garden, berry orchard or vineyard. For participants who will create the first thousand hectares of gardens, the state will compensate 70% of the project cost, for the next ones – 50%, the rest will be financed at the expense of the winners or through loans. The maximum grant amount is UAH 7 million.

The eRobota project includes 6 grant programs aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship. In particular, these are micro-grant programs for opening or developing one’s own business, grants for the establishment and development of processing enterprises, arranging a garden and viticulture, greenhouse farming, support for IT startups and starting in IT.  

Currently, applications for all directions of the eRobota program are accepted. Application is submitted through the Diia Portal.