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“The Government is working on a mechanism of investment insurance in the conditions of war,” – Oleksandr Hryban

The Government of Ukraine is working on a mechanism of investment insurance under martial law conditions which will guarantee investors the safety of capital investments in Ukrainian assets.

This was announced by Oleksandr Hryban, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, on the air of the telethon. 

Currently, the Ukrainian party is negotiating with the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), which is part of the World Bank group. This organization has investment insurance programs under conditions of terrorist threats.

“We are actively working on investment insurance mechanisms. Unfortunately, this practice is not widespread in the world. But elements of similar programs existed in those countries in which there were military terrorist actions. We are doing everything possible to make MIGA coverage available in Ukraine, so that there is an opportunity to invest even now, in the period when hostilities are still going on,” said Oleksandr Hryban.

To guarantee safety, investors will buy insurance, the cost of which is calculated depending on the amount of investments. In case of force majeure, an investor will be able to receive compensation for these funds.

The Ministry of Economy is also working on improving the conditions for doing business in Ukraine. In particular, on programs to attract investments and deregulation.

The Government previously approved a bill on simplifying permit procedures for acquiring the right to land and starting construction during the implementation of projects aimed at economic recovery.

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