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Over 4,6 thousand applications were received under the grant program for business start-up and developement

4,690 Ukrainians have already applied for participation in grant programs within the framework of the YeRobota project, of which 3,817 were processed by Oschadbank. 

88% of the total number of applications (4,130) are requests to receive a micro-grant for business start-up and development. According to this program, Oschadbank JSC verified 2,496 applications, and the State Employment Service has already interviewed more than 670 potential recipients. 

Both novice entrepreneurs and people who already have experience in entrepreneurship can receive micro-grants. They will be able to start their own business or expand it using these funds. 

The second direction in terms of the number of applicants is support for processing enterprises. The program is aimed at increasing the share of processing in Ukrainian production and exports. Ukrainians submitted 438 applications for grants in this area and with the help of the received funds they will modernize their own enterprises for the manufacture of finished products. 

Moreover, 41 applications were received from agrarians for grants to develop greenhouse farming and horticulture. The program will allow the state to compensate for losses due to the temporary occupation of regions where vegetable growing and horticulture developed actively. This will make it possible to provide the domestic market with agricultural products and increase Ukraine’s export capacity. 

We remind you that you can apply for a grant through the Diia Portal. Citizens and entrepreneurs who have questions about the terms of participation can get advice from Oschadbank JSC by contacting the Call Center or in person at any bank’s branch.

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