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The eRobota Program: The Government Has Allocated Funds to Finance the First Projects to Start a Business and Plant a Garden

At its meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to allocate 103.3 million Ukrainian hryvnias from the reserve fund to provide grants to the winners of the eRobota program in the directions of starting your own business and planting a garden. 

The eRobota project was launched by the Ministry of Economy together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, the State Employment Service and Oschadbank to support Ukrainians willing to start their own businesses and promote intensification of entrepreneurship in a difficult time for the economy.

Funding will be granted to:

  • the first 324 business ideas of the winners in the “Your business” direction (micro-grant) for a total of 74.3 million Ukrainian hryvnias;
  • 9 entrepreneurs in the “Your garden” direction for a total of 29 million Ukrainian hryvnias.

In total, 7,541 applications for micro-grants have already been received from Ukrainians. 70% of applicants already have entrepreneurial experience, while 10% are just starting their way in business.

Most entrepreneurs are willing to spend the grant on opening cafes and coffee shops – 10.7%, starting retail trade (including food products) – 8%, establishing hairdressers or beauty salons – 4.7%, starting a beverage service business – 3.1% and freight transportation – 1.9%. 

The largest number of applications were submitted by residents of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast (31%) as well as Dnipropetrovsk (9%), Lviv (7%), Odesa (6%) and Poltava (5%) oblasts. 

78 requests were also received from entrepreneurs willing to use the grant to build a greenhouse or plant a garden.

Currently, applications for all directions of the eRobota program are accepted. Application is submitted through the Diia Portal. You need to fill in your personal information in an electronic form and add a small business plan, a sample of which can be downloaded on the Portal.

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