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eRobota: Ukrainian defenders can receive grants from the state for entrepreneurship

єРобота: Українські захисники й захисниці можуть отримати грант від держави на підприємництво

Effective 10 April, the Government launches grant programs for veterans to start or develop their own businesses. Applications for grants should be submitted on the Diia portal. 

The program provides for the following grants:

  • UAH 250,000 – for a combatant and/or a person with a disability caused by war, provided that one job is created;
  • UAH 500,000 – for a combatant’s spouse and/or a person with a disability caused by war, provided that two jobs are created; 
  • UAH 1 million – for a combatant and/or a person with a disability caused by war who has been registered as a private entrepreneur for at least 3 years, provided that four jobs are created, of which at least 2 will be held by veterans or persons with a disability caused by war.

Grants of UAH 500,000 and UAH 1 million will be provided on the condition of co-financing with the recipient, in particular, the recipient must invest 30% of their own funds into their business, while 70% of the funds will be provided by the state as a grant.

Entrepreneurs can use the grant funds to purchase equipment, raw materials, supplies, rent premises and vehicles necessary for the implementation of their business project, purchase licensed software and pay for marketing and advertising services.

“The government is working to help our defenders integrate into a peaceful life after returning from the front. Veterans with an entrepreneurial talent will be able to receive financial support from the state as a grant to start or expand their own business. By developing their business, they will create thousands of new jobs, including for their fellow veterans. And in this way, they will participate in the economic recovery of the country,” said First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy Yuliia Svyrydenko. 

To receive a grant, a veteran or veteran’s spouse should submit an application on the Diia portal together with a business plan for their project. After checking the applicant’s credit history, their documents and assessment of the business plan, they must be interviewed by the professionals of the State Employment Service, which results will be the basis for decision-making on grant provision or refusal.

Grant recipients will also be able to receive free entrepreneurship training and be consulted at regional employment centres.  

As a reminder, the Government’s eRobota project includes grant programs aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation. Moreover, these include microgrant programs for starting or developing a business, grants for establishing and developing processing enterprises, planting a garden, establishing viticulture and greenhouse facilities. Both existing entrepreneurs and people with no business experience can apply for a grant. Applications for all components of the eRobota program are currently open. Applications can be submitted on the Diia portal.

The project was launched at the initiative of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the State Employment Service of Ukraine and Oschadbank with the support of the Diia Support Project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine with the financial support of Sweden. 

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