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The government launches a system of grants for entrepreneurship development

Today, the Government made a decision to support the launch of three programs aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and creating new jobs within the framework of the wartime economy.

The first program launches micro-grants in the amount of up to UAH 250 thousand for every Ukrainian willing to start their own business or develop an existing enterprise.

  • A micro-grant is provided for the creation and development of own business – up to 250,000 Ukrainian hryvnias if two jobs are created and up to 150,000 Ukrainian hryvnias for one job;
  • Oschadbank JSC acts as the authorized bank under the program;
  • Ukrainians will be able to apply for grants through the Diia Portal or at any branch of Oschadbank JSC;
  • Recipients of micro-grants will be able to issue an additional investment loan under the 5-7-9% Program in the amount of up to UAH 2.5 million in accordance with the standard terms of this program.

The second grant program is aimed at the creation or development of horticulture, berry growing and viticulture:

  • The state will co-finance the establishment of a garden together with an entrepreneur (in total, we plan to support the creation of 10 thousand hectares of gardens); 
  • The state provides a grant in the amount of 70% of the project cost (excluding VAT), 30% – at the expense of the recipient.

The third program is grants for the creation or development of greenhouse farming:

  • Each investor can build a light greenhouse module of about 2 hectares for vegetable growing;
  • One applicant can build one greenhouse module;
  • For the first 1,000 applicants, the state provides a grant in the amount of 70% of the project cost (excluding VAT), but no more than 7 million Ukrainian hryvnias, 30% – at the expense of the recipient;
  • All subsequent applicants receive a grant of 50% of the project cost (excluding VAT), but no more than 5 million Ukrainian hryvnias, 50% – at the expense of the recipient;
  • The program will ensure the creation of up to 40 new jobs by one recipient.

“In the conditions of war, the transition to an economic model where micro, small and medium-sized enterprises make a large contribution to GDP is very important. Therefore, entrepreneurship should become a new national idea for Ukrainians. The functioning of the economy according to this principle will stimulate the creation of a strong middle class and give an impetus to the emergence of new jobs in wartime,” stressed Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

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