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eRobota: Processing companies to receive UAH 211 million in grants from the Government

47 entrepreneurs working in the processing industry will receive grants from the Government worth UAH 211 million for business development. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Nadiia Bihun.

"The development of processing is in the focus of the Government's attention. Domestic companies should produce more finished products with a high share of added value for Ukrainian consumers and for export. That is why one of the grant programmes is aimed at stimulating entrepreneurs engaged in processing. Following the results of the next wave of applications for grants for processing companies, we have 47 winners who will receive a total of UAH 211 million to expand their businesses. Since the launch of the grant programme, 485 companies have received financial support from the Government in the amount of UAH 2.8 billion. At the same time, they have created more than 6,000 new jobs for Ukrainians and paid more than UAH 400 million in taxes to the budget," said Nadiia Bihun.

Under the “Novyi Riven” grant programme for processing companies, entrepreneurs can receive a grant of up to UAH 8 million for business development. A prerequisite for receiving the funds is that the grantee must create new jobs, in particular, up to 25 jobs.

As a reminder, the Government's eRobota project includes grant programmes aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and job creation. These include microgrants for starting or developing a business, grants for setting up and developing processing plants, planting orchards, viticulture and greenhouses. Both existing entrepreneurs and people with no business experience can apply for a grant. Applications are currently being accepted for all areas of the eRobota programme. Applications are submitted via the Diia portal.

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