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eOselia Affordable Mortgage Program: The first preferential loan at 3% was granted to a police officer from Chernihiv

The first loan was granted under eOselia Affordable Mortgage Program, which is currently running in test mode. It was received by a police officer from Chernihiv at 3% per annum via Oschadbank. The police officer's application was selected by the bank from those received during this test period.

"In December last year, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced a new program of affordable lending for the population. We adapted it to the needs of wartime. Despite the fact that eOselia is currently running in test mode, we see that it is in great demand among people. Thus, we can already now speak about the relevance and expediency of preferential lending mechanism to solve the problem of lack of affordable housing for Ukrainians. We are working to make the service available to as many Ukrainians as possible,” commented First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliia Svyrydenko.

According to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, eOselia program is currently running in test mode due to technical improvements, so applications for preferential mortgages can be submitted only on the Diia portal. Over time, when the technical base is finalized, Ukrainians will also be able to apply through the Diia application.

Those who have already applied for participation in eOselia program are warned that the application review period will be longer than three working days, as provided by the terms of the program. But all the data submitted by borrowers are saved in the financial institutions participating in the program, and now all the information is checked by partner banks. At present, 5 participating banks are accredited to participate in the program: Oschadbank, Privatbank, Ukrgasbank, Sky Bank and Globus Bank.

As a reminder, this year, the following persons can apply for a preferential mortgage loan at a rate of 3% under eOselia program:

  • career servicemen of the Armed Forces, the National Guard, employees of other law enforcement agencies, police officers, as well as members of their families;
  • medical workers of state-owned or municipal health care establishments;
  • educators of state-owned or municipal educational establishments;
  • scientists.

The loan is granted for a period of 1 to 20 years to purchase an apartment in

apartment-type residential building. Own contribution is 20% of the value of the mortgaged property.  

From the beginning of 2023, it is planned to start the implementation of the second stage of eOselia program, within which all citizens who meet certain criteria will be able to receive loans at 7% per annum.

To obtain a mortgage loan one should:

  • be a citizen of Ukraine aged 18 to 70 years; 
  • be solvent;
  • own real estate measuring less than 52.5 square meters (an additional 21 square meters for each subsequent family member);
  • not be sanctioned;
  • not participate in other similar government programs.

eOselia program is implemented by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine jointly with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Ukrfinzhytlo.

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