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“Today, everyone can join the great program of Ukraine’s reconstruction” – Tetiana Berezhna at the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum


Ukraine is counting on the support of international partners in reconstructing the country and implementing social programs aimed at returning Ukrainians home.  This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Tetiana Berezhna at the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum during the debate on social policy and challenges in the context of the war in Ukraine.

“The war is destroying the Ukrainian labour market. Hostilities continue in the areas where 10 million workers were employed. At least 5 million people have lost their jobs. Hundreds of workers have died in the fighting. As a result of hostilities, about 7 million people have already left the country. The unemployment rate has increased significantly,” said Tetiana Berezhna.

According to her, that is why the key priorities of the Government’s work include the stabilization and recovery of the economy, the development of the labour market and the return of our citizens to their homes as well as the creation of new jobs. A number of government programs, which have already been launched and are working successfully, are aimed at achieving this. In particular, among such programs, the Deputy Minister named affordable lending for business, relocation of enterprises from dangerous areas to relatively safe ones, eRobota grant support for the development of entrepreneurship, involvement of the unemployed in socially useful works within the framework of the Recovery Army project and partial unemployment assistance programs.

“We understand that there are great challenges and tasks ahead of us on the way to the restoration of Ukraine and the return of our people. And we hope that international partners will support us in this, in particular, our good friend Poland, where almost 1.5 million Ukrainians are currently staying under the temporary protection program. We strive to bring home all our citizens who were forced to leave because of the war,” Tetiana Berezhna emphasized. 

She noted that each of Ukraine’s partners would be able to find their segments and join the great program of Ukraine’s recovery. Both through investments in the reconstruction of our infrastructure, industrial and social facilities, and by supporting separate programs aimed at business development and employment stimulation, which provide for the possibility of attracting any sources, including charitable contributions, humanitarian aid, grants, gifts, international aid and others. 

“Ukraine is now dynamically changing to become better for its citizens and an open and reliable partner for its Polish friends,” Tetiana Berezhna concluded.

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