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Counter-terrorist attack on Rosatom and not only: the working group has appeared in Ukraine that will coordinate sanctions against the russian federation


Sanctions against nuclear terrorists, war criminals, as well as seizure of billions of russian assets in favour of Ukraine – these are the tasks faced by the newly established Interagency Working Group for Implementation of State Sanctions Policy.

The Sanctions Group includes representatives of key ministries and agencies, and First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko has been appointed as its chairman.

The purpose of establishment of the Interagency Working Group for Implementation of State Sanctions Policy is to accelerate the imposition of sanctions initiated by many public authorities which are at various stages of adoption.

“President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Head of the Office of the President Andrii Yermak set clear tasks for the group. To coordinate and accelerate sanctions against thousands of individuals and legal entities of the russian federation, who in that or another way are involved in the aggression against Ukraine and threaten the security of the country and our citizens on a daily basis. We see that all relevant authorities are actively working on this issue. It’s time to streamline this process and show the whole world that Ukraine’s sanctions policy is effective and comprehensive”, commented chairman of the Interagency Working Group, First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko.

What was decided?

During the first meeting, it was decided that the Interagency Working Group would streamline the existing initiatives that are at various stages of adoption and provide recommendations for final decisions to impose appropriate sanctions on individuals.

These recommendations will be based on the principles and approaches of Ukraine’s partners and will maximally take into account the experience of the sanctions policy against the russian federation used by the USA, Great Britain, EU countries, etc.

First recommendations: attack on Rosatom

The Interagency Working Group recommended to make the proposals at the next meeting of the Government regarding sanctions against russian oligarchs, officials, propagandists of the russian federation, who form the political and economic basis of the aggression against Ukraine. The complex of sanctions in the field of nuclear energy was also considered.

In particular, we are talking about persons connected with Rosatom, in view of the crimes that take place at the occupied nuclear power facilities. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has recently emphasized the need for this package of sanctions, commenting on the situation around Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and “nuclear blackmail” by the russians.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ sanction list, prepared in order to synchronize with the activities of our partners, was also used.

Attention was also paid to sanctions in the form of confiscation of assets into the state income. The specifics of this type of restrictions are that they are applied by decision of the High Anti-Corruption Court at the request of the Ministry of Justice. In this connection, there is a need to completely block the assets.

According to the results of the meeting, relevant projects will be submitted to the Government for review.

“Sanctions and military counter-attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are, of course, the main elements of accelerating Ukraine’s victory in the war. And this Interagency Working Group will help coordinate the actions of all key agencies of the country on the sanctions and economic fronts to help our Armed Forces defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. And, I assure you, this is not just another commission that says something. It is its recommendations that will be translated into particular actions and decisions as quickly as possible, influencing the course of the war”, assured chairman of the Interagency Working Group, First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko.


The Interagency Working Group for Implementation of State Statistics Policy is a temporary consultative and advisory body of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and will work under the chairmanship of the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy. 

It includes government officials from the ministries of economy, defense, finance, justice, internal affairs, foreign affairs, and reintegration of temporarily occupied territories. Representatives of the Office of the President, the National Bank of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Foreign Intelligence Service, and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention are also involved in the work.

It is also expected to involve representatives of other public authorities and agencies. In particular, the group meeting was attended by other specialists involved in the work on the implementation of sanctions.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported the decision to introduce full embargo on the import of goods from the russian federation. From now on, no products of the russian federation could be imported into the territory of Ukraine. A decision was also made to withdraw more than 900 objects of russian ownership in favour of Ukraine.

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