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World Business Is Interested in Investing in Ukraine - Deputy Minister of Economy Oleksandr Hryban

Large international business shows the interest in the projects offered by Ukraine within the framework of the Advantage Ukraine campaign. In particular, we are talking about the prospect of cooperation in the fields of metallurgy, energy, agriculture, investment and finance.

This was reported by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Oleksandr Hryban on the air of the National TV marathon.

“Ukraine is a market with extremely great opportunities. Investors who will be the first to come to Ukraine will receive the greatest advantages in the future. Checking the proposed projects will require some time. It is at least six months. That's why we are convincing the investors that such work can be started today, so that in six months we could immediately start implementing the project”, emphasized Oleksandr Hryban.

According to him, the Government is actively working on the organization of investment insurance.

“We are discussing guarantee instruments both with individual governments of partner countries and with the World Bank group, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)”, said Hryban.

The Deputy Minister also noted the interest of large international business already during the negotiations in New York:

“In particular, in the fields of metallurgy, energy, agriculture, investment and finance. We held successful meetings with U.S. Steel, Honeywell, Halliburton, and expect for strategic communication with ExxonMobil and Chevron. We are going to include Tesla in the communication. There are many interesting large-scale projects, and respective counterparties are capable of implementing them. We start with large strategic investors, because this process is the longest and most difficult”.

Ukraine focuses on all areas involving generation of added value.

“Our goal is to organize production in Ukraine and support our own producers. Therefore, all projects provide for a high level of localization or the condition of participation of local Ukrainian partners. Ukraine has a number of advantages due to its geographical location, as well as a number of priority trade relations with our foreign partners. This makes our state a beneficial platform for production facilities and representative offices of well-known companies”, believes Oleksandr Hryban.

Recall that at the opening of bids at the New York Stock Exchange, the Ukrainian delegation led by Yulia Svyrydenko presented the Advantage Ukraine platform for attracting foreign investments.

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