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The list of state-owned enterprises that will be directed for privatization and liquidation has been approved

The government has approved the list of 420 state-owned enterprises which will be transferred to the management of the State Property Fund for further privatization and liquidation.

In this way, there will be the next stage of triage which is the division of another group of state-owned assets into viable and loss-making ones, existing only on paper and cannot be of interest to investors.

66 state-owned enterprises will get new owners as part of the so-called “small” privatization. Investment raised will make it possible to restore or modernize production, including export-oriented production, and create new jobs. This will become part of the economic reconstruction of the country.

354 state-owned enterprises will be liquidated or reorganized. In most cases, these are legal shells, behind which there is no capacity to resume work.

The government considers privatization as an effective means of accelerating economic growth. The private owner is able to quickly adjust the processes at the enterprise and restart it again. And every operating business today is a strengthening of the Ukrainian economy.

Within the country, there is a great demand for privatization and a willingness to invest in former state-owned enterprises, if the investor’s ownership is secured and guaranteed.

At the same time, privatization will enable to put an end to the history of the Soviet legacy of thousands of state-owned enterprises, which, due to mismanagement, have degraded to such a state that they are no longer able to function.

The government will continue to analyze state-owned assets for the next stages of triage of state-owned enterprises, after which some of them will also find new effective owners.

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