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eRobota: UAH 8 billion invested by the state through grants in business development

єРобота: 8 млрд грн інвестувала держава через гранти в розвиток бізнесу

Almost 16,000 entrepreneurs have received grants to start or grow their businesses under the government's eRobota project. In total, the state has invested UAH 8 billion in entrepreneurship through grants since the start of the project. This was announced by Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economy.

"Grant programmes for the start-up and development of small and medium-sized businesses are one of the key areas of our "Made in Ukraine" policy, which is aimed at supporting domestic producers and stimulating demand for Ukrainian goods and services. Since the launch of the eRobota grant programmes, the state has invested UAH 8 billion in entrepreneurship development through grants. To date, almost 16,000 entrepreneurs in all regions of the country have received grants. Thousands of new companies and existing enterprises have received government support to grow, scale up their business, increase production, explore new areas of activity, and enter new markets. They work, pay taxes, and create jobs. In total, grant recipients will create more than 47 thousand new jobs," said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

Since the launch of the eRobota project in July 2022:

  • under the "Own Business" programme 14,694 microgrants worth UAH 3.5 billion were issued;
  • for the development of processing enterprises 657 grants for UAH 3.4 billion were issued;
  • for horticulture and greenhouse development 195 grants for UAH 860 million were issued;
  • to veterans and their families 431 grants for UAH 188 million were issued.

Both existing entrepreneurs and people with no business experience can apply for a grant. Applications are submitted through the Diia portal along with a business plan. A prerequisite for receiving a grant is the creation of new jobs from 1-2 in the case of a microgrant, up to several dozen in the case of grants under other programmes. The grant funds are returned to the state in the form of taxes and fees paid in the course of the company's operations over a period of three years.

Information on obtaining a grant under the "Own Business" programme is available on the programme website https://vlasnasprava

As a reminder, the eRobota project was launched by the Government in July 2022 to support businesses and stimulate job creation. It includes several grant programmes. In particular, these are microgrant programmes for starting or developing your own business, grants for veterans and their spouses, grants for the creation and development of processing enterprises, planting gardens and viticulture, greenhouse farming.

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