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Pavlo Kukhta: Digital technologies can quickly ensure liberalization of public administration in the economic sector
26.09.2019 | 09:50 | Directorate for relations with state bodies and public

On September 25, First Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Pavlo Kukhta took part in the conference “Small Privatization. Digitization of Public Resource Management” devoted to the discussion of the first results of small-scale privatization and the opportunities of expanding the use of electronic tools in the allocation of limited public resources.

In his speech, Pavlo Kukhta noted that digital technologies, in particular electronic auctions, can quickly ensure liberalization of public administration in the economic sector.

“Ukraine has sufficient opportunities to quickly implement the process of liberalization of public administration in the economic sector. This requires a transparent, competitive and efficient allocation of state-managed assets using digital technologies, such as the electronic trading system “Prozorro.Sales”, said the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture.

Pavlo Kukhta also emphasized that the Ministry of Economy considers the two-tier electronic system “Prozorro.Sales” as a key tool to ensure transparent sales of public and municipal lands after launching the land market. The Ministry also plans to use digital tools to build new markets, such as public and municipal property lease, concessions, labor markets, etc.

“The use of electronic auctions will give the state the effect at least in four important aspects: we will increase competitiveness and ensure equal access to the auction for all those who wish to participate therein, increase revenues to the state budget and remove the unnecessary burden associated with inefficient management of state-owned property, and also create a database on all legal deeds with public and municipal property”, emphasized Pavlo Kukhta.

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