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The government launches grant programs for entrepreneurship development and training of Ukrainians

The government launches grant programs for starting a business, developing entrepreneurship and training. 

Ukrainians will be able to get:

  • micro-grants for creating their own businesses;
  • grants for the development of a processing enterprise;
  • state funding for planting a garden;
  • funds for the development of greenhouse farming;
  • a grant for the implementation of a startup, including in the field of IT;
  • funds for training in IT specialities. 

The program of micro-grants for the creation of own business is designed for both experienced Ukrainians and beginners. To participate, they must prepare a business plan for the future enterprise and submit it together with the application through the Diia portal. Oschadbank evaluates the applicant’s business plan and business reputation, after which the participant must be interviewed at the employment center. 

The decision to approve a grant is made by the State Employment Service. Funds are issued based on the rating: applicants with the highest scores receive funding first. The amount of the micro-grant is determined according to its amount requested but no less than 50,000 Ukrainian hryvnias and taking into account the number of jobs: 150 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias if the entrepreneur creates one job and 250 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias for two jobs. 

The program of grants for the establishment of processing enterprises provides for the involvement of up to 8 million Ukrainian hryvnias for the start or development of processing facilities. Thus, for the first thousand applicants, the state co-finances 70% of the project cost, while the rest is paid by the recipient. For the following applications, the state provides funds in the amount of up to 50% of the project cost. 

Entrepreneurs can submit an application for participation together with a business plan for production activity through the Diia portal. A participant is evaluated by the bank based on their business reputation, business project and interview. The decision to provide a grant is made by the Ministry of Economy based on a list of the bank’s conclusions. Entrepreneurs who received funds must pay taxes and single social contribution in the amount of the grant and create at least 25 jobs in the course of 3 years. 

Greenhouse farming and horticulture development programs provide grants for the implementation of standard projects approved by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. These are light greenhouse modules, about 2 hectares in size, and gardens up to 25 hectares in size. 

Entrepreneurs willing to build a greenhouse can attract up to 7 million Ukrainian hryvnias of state co-financing. For the first thousand applications, the state compensates 70% of the project cost, for all subsequent applications – 50%. For those who plan to plant a garden, co-financing is provided depending on the type of plants planted: for the first thousand hectares, the state compensates 70% of the project cost, for the following – 50%. 

Entrepreneurs can submit applications for participation through the Diia Portal or at the branches of duly authorized systemically important banks, the list of which is determined by the National Bank of Ukraine. The decision to provide a grant is made by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, provided that there is a correctly completed application with attachments (standard project and business plan).

Recipients of funds undertake to create 40 new permanent and seasonal jobs in greenhouse farming and 3 to 20 new permanent and seasonal jobs in horticulture.

Both developers of ready-made technological products and professionals with a project idea can receive funds for the implementation of startups. Depending on the stage of project implementation, an entrepreneur can attract 750 thousand to 3.5 million Ukrainian hryvnias of a non-refundable grant from the Innovation Development Fund or 3.5 to 8 million Ukrainian hryvnias of refundable financial support from the National Investment Fund of Ukraine.

An application for participation in the program should be submitted through the website of the Innovation Development Fund. The decision to issue a grant is made on a competitive basis, where projects are evaluated by experts.  

Recipients of funds, depending on the stage of startup development, must create at least 3-10 jobs (depending on the type of startup), develop a technology that will be a competitive advantage of the project and focus on the foreign market, and also refund 50% of the grant amount in the form of taxes and fees within 2 years.

The Start in IT grant program provides for the payment of tuition fees for citizens who have lost their jobs, are on layoff, are on unpaid leaves, IDPs, and people willing to get a new profession in IT. Participants’ applications together with a package of documents are accepted by employment centers. Grant recipients are provided with an electronic certificate for professional training, which guarantees the payment of training services. Participants of the program must use the certificate within 10 working days from the day of issue, concluding an agreement with an educational institution based on it. 

Persons participating in the program undertake to complete the training course and, after its completion, within 30 days, get a job in a new speciality or open their own businesses in this field.

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