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The Vlasna Sprava programme: the state invested UAH 1.4 billion in the development of small businesses through micro-grants

Власна справа: 1,4 млдр грн інвестувала держава в розвиток малого бізнесу через мікрогранти

311 Ukrainians were recognized as winners based on the results of the twelfth wave of applications for micro-grants under the Vlasna Sprava programme, which will receive a total of UAH 73.4 million. Since the beginning of the programme, the state has invested UAH 1.4 billion in the development of small businesses through micro-grants. This was announced by Tetiana Berezhna, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

“According to the results of the twelfth wave of applications for micro-grants, 311 Ukrainians will receive UAH 73.4 million to start or develop their own business. In total, since the beginning of this year, almost 3.5 thousand Ukrainians, to whom the state will provide business development support of UAH 800 million, have become winners of the programme. Over a year of operation of the Vlasna Sprava programme, almost 6 thousand entrepreneurs have already received grant funds to their accounts, purchased equipment, raw materials, opened new enterprises or expanded the activities of existing companies, created new jobs, paid taxes to the budget. In general, the state invested UAH 1.4 billion through micro-grants in the development of small businesses,” Tetiana Berezhna said.

60% of women and 40% of men are among those who receive micro-grants of the twelfth wave. 70% of them have a university degree. The largest number of grantees are from Lviv (52 persons), Rivne (33 persons), Ivano-Frankivsk (23 persons) oblasts and the city of Kyiv (22 persons). The vast majority of grant recipients plan to spend the micro-grant funds on the purchase of equipment necessary for running a business.

The most popular fields in which the winners of the twelfth wave will work are:

  • transport, warehousing, postal and courier activities 115 persons;
  • processing industry 50 persons;
  • information and telecommunications 35 persons;
  • health care and provision of social assistance – 23 persons.

Under the Vlasna Sprava grant programme, Ukrainians can receive a micro-grant in the amount of UAH 50 to 250 thousand. The funds may be spent on the purchase or leasing of equipment, the purchase of raw materials and materials, and the rental of premises. Both an active individual entrepreneur and a person without experience in such activity may receive a microgrant. A mandatory condition for providing funds is the creation of 1-2 jobs, depending on the amount of the grant. Ukrainians who received micro-grants in 2022 will create about 8,000 new jobs.

This year, the budget provides for UAH 1.8 billion for the Vlasna Sprava programme, which allows for the issuance of about 10,000 micro-grants.

The eRobota government project includes grant programmes aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial activity and job creation. Thus, these are micro-grant programmes for opening or developing one’s own business, grants for the creation and development of processing enterprises, planting a garden and viticulture, and greenhouse farming. Applications for all areas of the eRobota programme are be filed through the Diia portal.

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