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Grant Program for Processing Business: Farmers Can Receive Financing for the Processing of Their Products

The government is working to support the processing sector in order to ensure an increase in the share of value-added products in agricultural exports. For this purpose, the state program of grants for the arrangement and modernization of processing enterprises has been launched – up to UAH 8,000,000. It can also be used by agricultural product manufacturers. 

This was announced by Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine, after meeting with representatives of agricultural business of Cherkasy Oblast. 

“Our task is to ensure that the share of value-added products in the structure of agricultural exports is constantly growing. This will allow manufacturers to get more revenue while reducing exports and will improve our logistics capabilities,” noted Yuliia Svyrydenko. 

According to her, the Government expects that the grant support will be especially in demand among farmers, and its result will be a significant increase in the share of processing in the agro-industrial sector. 

The opening and expansion of export routes will make it possible to sell the products of Ukrainian farmers on foreign markets. Therefore, the Government is working on increasing the capacity of western logistics routes. After the complete unblocking of Ukrainian ports, this direction of export will remain strategically important.

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