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Yulia Svyrydenko Met With CEOs of Top Companies in New York: Global Business Leaders Are Interested in Investing in Ukraine


First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko held a number of meetings with representatives of leading global companies in New York with the aim of involving them in Advantage Ukraine – a program for attraction of foreign investments in the economy of Ukraine.

In particular, such meetings were held with representatives of U.S. Steel led by Jessica Graziano, sales manager of NuScale Sheryl Collins, JP Morgan led by Gergana Thiel, representatives of General Electric, MUFG Bank, Honeywell, Halliburton. Moreover, during the round table, the Ukrainian delegation had a constructive dialogue with management of Mastercard Inc. and other leading companies of the world.

The Ukrainian delegation told potential investors, in particular, about possibilities of the Advantage Ukraine platform. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Ministry of Economy presented the platform at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange. The website hosts projects and opportunities in 10 branches, they can be implemented in partnership with the state and leading private domestic companies.

Business representatives are interested in the investment capacity of Ukraine and have already started studying the projects for possible capital investments.

In particular, promising areas of cooperation are:

- construction of Smart Grids;

- introduction of Energy Storages and other balancing capacities;

- natural gas upstream progressive drilling solutions;

- DRI-based green metallurgy.

All these projects can attract billions of US dollars in the economy of Ukraine and, due to cooperation with the world’s leading companies, bring our state to leading positions.

“The global business leaders are ready for a serious substantive dialogue regarding potential involvement in the investment projects”, assures Yulia Svyrydenko. “On its part, Ukraine will make all endeavors to ensure that each company receives high-quality comprehensive support at all stages of its involvement. Within the state, we create conditions for business to develop. These are deregulation, labor market reforms, quick investment mechanisms, and working on further tax reforms. The recipe of future economic miracle of Ukraine is the most favorable environment for entrepreneurship, the reduction of the state in the economy and powerful capital investments, the amount of which will be accumulated in the future up to 750 billion US dollars”.

It is expected to establish the strategic partnerships for attracting direct investments and debt capital with all leading investment banks of the world. The team of the Ministry of Economy has already started this process with the New York office of the largest Japanese bank holding MUFG, whose assets amount to more than 3 trillion US dollars, as well as with the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase – the largest bank holding in USA, with assets exceeding 3.8 trillion US dollars.

During a working visit to New York, the discussions were held with these financial giants regarding the issues of involving their clients in the study of Ukraine’s investment opportunities. It was also determined which international debt instruments would be the most profitable (the lowest possible interest rate and the longest repayment period) in the current conditions for Ukrainian borrowers from both private and public sectors.

Investment banks are ready to involve their experts from the analytical and research direction in the international expert working group expected to be established in the near future. Such working group is designed to verify the multiplying effects for the economy by attracting investments in various branches.

We will remind that at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, a platform for potential foreign investors hosting more than 500 investment projects and opportunities in 10 branches of the economy was presented. The platform is a part of the large Advantage Ukraine campaign developed by WPP with the support of the President of Ukraine.

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