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eRobota: UAH 21 million in grants to be awarded to veterans and their families for business development

єРобота: 21 млн грн грантів отримають ветерани та члени їхніх родин на розвиток свого бізнесу

Following the results of the new round of veterans' grant applications, 13 winners will receive almost UAH 5 million in government funding to start or develop their businesses. Since the launch of the veterans' component of the Vlasna Sprava grant programme, 54 veterans and their families have already received grants worth UAH 21 million. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Tetiana Berezhna.

"In April, the Government expanded the Vlasna Sprava programme to provide financial support to veterans and their families in developing their businesses. They can receive a government grant of between UAH 250,000 and UAH 1 million to start or expand their own business. To date, 54 of our defenders and their family members have already taken advantage of the opportunity to receive such grants, totalling UAH 21 million. 17 of them have already received funds to their accounts and are able to implement their business projects," said Tetiana Berezhna

Among the 13 winners of the new round, 9 are combatants and 4 are family members of veterans. Most of them – 8 winners – requested grants of up to UAH 250,000, 4 – up to UAH 500,000, and 1 – up to UAH 1 million. The winners plan to use the grants to open a café, a coffee shop, a bakery, a private medical practice, a second-hand shop, a children’s amusement park and playroom, a taxi service, expand the services of a medical centre, a service station, and increase the production capacity of a children's clothing company.

Under the terms of the programme, combatants or persons with war-related disabilities, as well as their spouses, are eligible for the following grants:

  • UAH 250,000 for a veteran, provided that one job is created;
  • UAH 500,000 for the veteran's spouse, provided that two jobs are created;
  • UAH 1 million for a veteran who has experience in entrepreneurial activity and has been registered as an individual entrepreneur for at least 3 years, provided that four jobs are created, at least 2 of which are filled by veterans.

Grants of UAH 500,000 and UAH 1 million are provided on the condition of co-financing with the recipient in the ratio of 70/30, i.e. the recipient of the grant must invest 30% of his/her own funds in his/her business, and 70% of the funds will be provided by the Government in the form of a grant.

Grant applications can be submitted via the Diia portal along with a business plan.

As a reminder, the government's eRobota project includes grant programmes aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and job creation. These include microgrants for starting or developing a business, grants for setting up and developing processing plants, planting orchards, vineyards and greenhouses. Both existing entrepreneurs and people with no business experience can apply for a grant. Applications are currently being accepted for all streams of the eRobota programme. Applications can be submitted via the Diia portal.

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