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The 12th Ministerial Conference (Geneva)

The 12th Ministerial Conference was held from 12 to 17 June 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland. It was co-hosted by Kazakhstan and chaired by the Mr. Timur Suleimenov, Deputy Chief of Staff of Kazakhstan's President.

            The Conference was originally scheduled for June 2020 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, but it was postponed twice due to the COVID-19.

At the Conference special attention was paid to the challenges facing the multilateral trading system, food security, e-commerce, fisheries subsidies, agriculture, WTO reform, and response to the pandemic, including TRIPS Waiver.

Statements made by the ministers during the opening session on 12 June were posted on the WTO's web page. Thematic sessions took place on 13-14 June. Members decided to extend the Conference by a day in order to achieve meaningful outcome.

On the final day of the Conference (17 June), WTO members agreed on the "Geneva package" that includes the following documents:

  • an outcome document (WT/MIN(22)/24);
  • a Ministerial Declaration on the Emergency Response to Food Insecurity (WT/MIN(22)/28);
  • a Ministerial Decision on World Food Programme (WFP) Food Purchases Exemptions from Export Prohibitions or Restrictions (WT/MIN(22)/29);
  • a Ministerial Declaration on the WTO Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparedness for Future Pandemics (WT/MIN(22)/31);
  • a Ministerial Decision on the Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (WT/MIN(22)/30);
  • a Decision on the E-commerce Moratorium and Work Programme (WT/MIN(22)/32);
  • an Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies (WT/MIN(22)/33);
  • a Decision on the Work Programme on Small Economies (WT/MIN(22)/25);
  • a Decision on the TRIPS non-violation and situation complaints (WT/MIN(22)/26);
  • a Sanitary and Phytosanitary Declaration for the Twelfth WTO Ministerial Conference: Responding to Modern SPS Challenges (WT/MIN(22)/27).

Information about the 12th Ministerial Conference on WTO's website.

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