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Strategic objectives

Project Objective
General issues Development of a framework document (the concept of reforming SEs) on improving efficiency of state enterprises.
Creation of the Supervisory Board on reforming state enterprises, appointment of 5-7 independent experts
Development of communication strategy (involvement of PR-coordinator to work on creation of the strategy)
Development of strategic goals (KPI) for state enterprises
Transparency and reporting of SEs To develop and adopt the principles of transparency
To oblige SEs to conduct financial audit, to establish requirements for auditors
To promote conduct of audit in SEs, which are within the scope of regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
To improve the procedure for preparation and approval of financial plans
To prepare a draft comprehensive analysis of SEs sector (annual report)
Appointment of heads for SEs To approve the members of the Committee on Appointments and Rules of procedure of the Committee
To develop and approve the procedure for remuneration of experts in the field of search and selection of management personnel for SEs
Make the necessary amendments to the legislation on appointment of independent members of the Supervisory Board of joint-stock companies
Corporate management and the ownership policy To prepare a draft concerning the ownership policy
To set policies on regulation of payment of the dividends
To create Ukrainian Institute of Corporate Management
To develop a compensation policy for heads of SEs
Privatization Conduct a detailed analysis of SEs and drafting of recommendations concerning the list of companies for possible privatization
Optimization of legal procedures for privatization
Development and approval of the procedure for attraction of reputable international consultants to the privatization procedure


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