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Print Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

Taras Mykolayovych Vysotskyi

+38 (044) 200-45-21


Education: Master of Science, Humboldt University of Berlin, 2010, Integrated Management of Natural Resources;

full higher education‚ Master, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, 2008, Administrative Management, Master of Management;

basic higher education‚ Bachelor, National University of Agriculture, 2007, Management, Bachelor of Management.

Work experience:

10.2006 - 12.2010: Manager at Zdolbunivvetpostach private enterprise, Rivne Oblast;

02.2011 - 01.2013: Expert in Agricultural Markets at Nika Project Partners Limited Liability Company, Kyiv;

02.2013 - 12.2014: Expert in Agricultural Markets at Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business, Kyiv;

12.2014 - 03.2019: General Director, Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business, Kyiv;

03.2019 - 08.2019: First Deputy Chair, Cherkasy Oblast State Administration.

Language proficiency: Ukrainian, Russian, English – fluent

Appointed as Deputy Minister for Development of the Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine per Directive 745-r of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 6 September 2019.

Coordinates development of proposals and implementation of adopted decisions concerning:

- formation and implementation of the national agrarian policy, national policy on agriculture and national food security, protection of the rights to plant varieties, animal husbandry, seed production and plant nursing, agricultural advisory activity, development of rural areas, in particular, by providing support to agricultural enterprises, private farms and households, agricultural cooperation;

- oversees implementation of measures aimed to promote innovative and investment development of agro-industrial production, development of the agricultural market’s infrastructure, analysis of the agro-industrial sector and forecasting of its development;

- organizes efforts aimed at facilitating the exercise of the Minister’s powers of directing and coordinating activity of the State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster;

- organizes efforts aimed at coordinating activity of the State Fund for Support of Farms, and coordinates activity of agricultural educational, scientific, and research and development institutions under administration by the Ministry of Economy.

Responsible for directing, coordinating and controlling performance of:

- Directorate for Rural Development;

- Directorate for Agro-Industrial Development;

- Department for Agricultural Policy;

- Sector for organizational and analytical support of the Deputy Minister’s work.