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Announcement on competitive selection for the position of the state representative – member of the Supervisory Board of the State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority
26.11.2019 | 17:19

Pursuant to paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Procedure for Determining and Approving Candidatures for the Positions of State Representatives to be Appointed to Supervisory Boards of the State-Owned Unitary Undertakings and those Participating in General Meetings and Elected to Supervisory Boards of Economic Entities, in the Authorized Capital of which over 50 Percent of Shares (Interest) are owned by the State, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution No. 143 of 10 March 2017 “Some Matters of State-Owned Property Management” (as amended by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution No. 927 of 15 November 2019) and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Order No. 46-OS of 25 November 2019, a competitive selection for the positions of members of the Supervisory Board of the State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority – state representative is hereby announced.

Name of the enterprise: State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (hereinafter – SE USPA).

Location of SE USPA: 14 Peremohy Ave., Kyiv-135, 01135, Ukraine

Core areas of activities of SE USPA

implementation of tasks provided for by Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine “On Sea Ports of Ukraine”, in particular, the organization and maintenance of safety of navigation within the seaport water area, repair and maintenance of waterworks, access tracks, etc.;

organization and support of activities of vessel traffic control and river information services;

navigational support on inland waterways classified as navigable;

organization and performance of surveying, sweeping, dredging and bottom-cleaning works on inland navigable waters;

pilotage of vessels on inland navigable waterways;

participation in the development of regulations in the area of sea and river transport;

training and retraining of sea pilots, operator pilots of vessel traffic control services;

collecting and recording data to be entered in the Register of Seaports of Ukraine, maintaining the Register of Seaports of Ukraine and the Register of Waterworks of Seaports of Ukraine;

approval and organization of implementation of seaport development plans (strategies), preparation of proposals for improvement thereof;

general control over the observance of the regime of stay and movement in seaports;

organization of operative control and accounting of movement of vehicles, cargoes, luggage, passengers at seaports waters and at own facilities of the enterprise;

organization of introduction of the international standards concerning procedures for the registration of documents during technological processes in the seaports.

Requirements to the candidate, expected functions of a member of the Supervisory Board, scope of competence to be possessed by a member of the Supervisory Board

According to the principles of formation of the Supervisory Board of the State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority an applicant for the position of the state representative must meet the following requirements:

- have higher education, particularly in management and administration, transport, finance, economics, auditing, production and technology, international relations or law;

- have at least five years of managerial experience;

- know the prospects and trends of the sea transport industry and its infrastructure;

- have full civil capacity;

- have no unexpunged criminal record.

A candidate for the position of a member of the Supervisory Board shall have an appropriate level of competence in accordance with the profile of the company's activity in at least the following areas:

- management of large enterprises, corporate governance;

- business management and development, operational management;

- strategic management and business development in relation to the functioning and development of port infrastructure;

- risk management, finance and audit;

- investment activities;

- labour and social relations.

State representatives in the Supervisory Board should have an impeccable business reputation, adhere to the principles of impartiality and integrity, and devote time to developing and maintaining their professional knowledge and skills.

An applicant must meet the following criteria as required by laws of Ukraine

A member of the USPA Supervisory Board may not be a founder, shareholder (participant), manager and/or member of the Supervisory Board of an enterprise, other economic entity operating in the same or adjacent markets as USPA.

To participate in competitive selection, an applicant shall submit in person and/or send by e-mail the following:

application for participation in competitive selection (in Ukrainian and English);

copies of identity and citizenship document, employment record book (if any) or documents used as evidence of work experience. Such information should contain the exact period of occupied position(s), the name of positions, the general scope of duties that were performed in the specified positions, the number of employees in subordination;

copies of higher education documents;

curriculum vitae (CV);

consent to personal data processing (in Ukrainian and English);

recommendations (if any).

Responsibility for the inaccuracy of the submitted documents shall be borne by the applicant.

The relevant documents shall be submitted no later than the Third (3) of December 2019 (18.00 Kyiv time) in Ukrainian and English to the following e-mail: CV@me.gov.ua

or to the following address: 12/2 Hrushevskoho str., Kyiv, 01008, Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture

Telephone number for information:

+38 (044) 200 47 73 (ext.32-97) Vladyslav Strelets (Secretariat of the Committee for the Appointment of Heads of Enterprises of Critical Importance for the Economy)

Documents are accepted within five working days after the date of publication of the announcement.

The results of competitive selection will be made public within thirty calendar days from the receipt of documents end date.

Information on the financial and economic standing of USPA is attached.