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Announcement of the competitive selection of candidates for the position of a state representative – member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhуdroenergo Private Joint Stock Company
28.11.2019 | 17:58

A competitive selection of candidates for the positions of members of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC representing the state is announced in accordance with paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Procedure of selecting and approving candidates for state representatives appointed to the supervisory boards of unitary state enterprises and representatives attending general meetings and elected to the supervisory boards of business companies in whose authorized capital the state holds more than 50 percent of stock (stake), approved by the Resolution 143 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 10 March 2017 on certain aspects of management of state-owned assets (as amended by the Resolution 927 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 15.11.2019), and in accordance with the Order 456 of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine of 28 November 2019 on the announcement of a competitive selection of candidates for the vacant positions of members of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC.

Company name: Ukrhуdroenergo Private Joint Stock Company (Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC).

Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC address: Ukraine, 07300 Kyiv Oblast, Vyshhorod.

Main areas of the company’s activity: electricity production and provision of ancillary services, in particular:

  • production, distribution, supply, sales, purchase and sale, in Ukraine and abroad, of electricity, energy generated for the purpose of electricity and heat supply, derivative products of energy origin, and means, equipment and devices used in this sector;
  • electricity sales in the bilateral contracts market;
  • electricity sales in the day-ahead and intraday markets;
  • electricity sales in the balancing market;
  • ancillary service sales in the ancillary services market.

Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC includes seven hydroelectric power plants and two pumped storage power plants located on the Dnieper and Dniester Rivers, in particular, Kyiv HPP and Kyiv PSPP, Kaniv HPP, Kremenchuk HPP, Middle-Dnieper HPP, Dnieper HPP, Kakhovka HPP, Dniester HPP and Dniester PSPP.

The company is a major producer of peak electricity and the main backup source of capacity in Ukraine’s power system, because it operates power generating equipment with high maneuverability.

Requirements to candidates, expected responsibilities of a member of Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC Supervisory Board, scope of supervisory board members required competence

According to the Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC Supervisory Board staffing principles, candidates for representatives of the state must meet the following requirements:

  • having higher education (at least a master’s degree or a degree corresponding to it), in particular (but not exclusively), in the following fields: hydropower generation, electricity generation, nuclear power generation, hydrotechnical construction, electrical engineering, economics, law, management;
  • having at least 10 years of total work experience, and at least three years of work experience in managerial positions (strategic or operations management) or at least five years of work experience in senior civil service positions;
  • having full legal capacity;
  • having impeccable business reputation, working in accordance with high business standards and principles, abiding by the principles of impartiality, good faith and integrity;
  • not having unexpunged criminal records;
  • having experience in change management and in negotiation;
  • possessing expert knowledge of the present state of the electricity generation sector;
  • fulfilling independence requirements of Ukrainian law;
  • being fluent in Ukrainian and English;
  • devoting sufficient time to perform duties of a supervisory board member;
  • having basic knowledge of legislative acts regulating the energy sector and the company;
  • knowing specifics of the company’s activity;
  • having knowledge of the energy market, development prospects and trends of the energy sector, energy complex and hydropower generation;
  • having knowledge of the process of developing and implementing the company strategy and corporate governance;
  • not being, presently and during the past five years, a founder, shareholder (member), senior manager, member of the supervisory board, employee or representative of, and not having business relationships with, a person subjected to personal, special economic or other sanctions by the Government of Ukraine.

Additional advantages:

  • having at least five years of work experience in managerial positions (strategic or operations management) at enterprises of the energy sector;
  • having work experience at energy companies, including foreign companies;
  • having work experience at international companies and in international markets;
  • having experience in bringing investments, business forecasting and analytics;
  • participating in the formation of a new model of the electricity market;
  • having experience in building, managing and developing Ukrainian companies.

A candidate is required by Ukrainian law to fulfill the following criteria:

A person who is a founder, shareholder (member), senior manager and/or member of the supervisory board of a company or another business organization operating in the same or related markets as Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC cannot be a member of Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC Supervisory Board.

To apply, a candidate must submit personally and/or send by e-mail:

  • an application for participation in the competitive selection (in Ukrainian and English);
  • a copy of applicant’s identity document, document proving citizenship, and labor book (if available) or documents proving work experience. This information must contain the exact period of employment in a position; position title; general set of duties performed in these positions; number of subordinates;
  • a copy of the higher education document;
  • a biographic reference (resume/CV);
  • consent to the processing of personal information (in Ukrainian and English);
  • references (if available).

A candidate may be held responsible for providing false documents.

The required documents must be submitted in the Ukrainian and English languages by 18:00 Kyiv Time (EET) of 5 (fifth) December 2019 to the following e-mail address: CV@me.gov.ua

or to the following address: 01008 Kyiv, vul. M. Hrushevskoho 12/2, Ministry for Development of the Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

For information, call:

+38 (044) 200 47 73 (ext. 32-97), Vladyslav Strelets (secretariat of the committee for appointment of heads of especially economically important enterprises)

Documents are accepted during five working days after the announcement publication date.

The outcome of the selection procedure will be published within thirty calendar days after the deadline for submission of documents.

Information regarding Ukrhуdroenergo PJSC’s financial and economic standing is enclosed.