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Announcement of Selection for the Post of a Representative of the State – a Member of the Supervisory Board of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise
26.11.2019 | 17:27

Pursuant to Clauses 8 and 9 of the Procedure for determining and approving candidatures of representatives of the state appointed to supervisory boards of state unitary enterprises and those who take part in the general meeting and are elected to supervisory boards of economic entities, in the authorized capital of which more than 50 percent of shares belong to the state, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 143 of March 10, 2017 “Some Issues of State Property Management” (as amended in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 927 of November 15, 2019) and Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine No. 45-0c of November 25, 2019, selection for the post of a member of the supervisory board of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise – a representative of the state is announced.

Name of the Company: Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise (Boryspil IA SE).

Location of Boryspil IA SE: 08300, Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Hora village, BORYSPIL-7 STREET

Main Areas of Activities of the Company:

Boryspil IA SE is established for carrying out business activities with the purpose of:

gaining profit (income) from business activities;

ground and maintenance servicing of aircrafts of airlines used on domestic, interstate and international routes;

timely satisfaction of economic demand and public needs for providing priority services for passenger and cargo air transportation;

ensuring aviation and flight safety.

The main objects of activities of Boryspil IA SE:

  • providing services for ensuring take-off and landing, aircraft parking, aviation security;
  • activities related to the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine in the bands of general and special frequencies and aimed at ensuring the efficient use of the radio frequency resource and ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of electronic means;
  • providing ground handling services for aircrafts, crews, passengers;
  • providing flight support services at Kyiv/Boryspil aerodrome;
  • providing fueling services to aircrafts and other vehicles;
  • providing passenger registration and handling services;
  • providing services to passengers before and after the flight;
  • organizing radio flight support, radio communication and other special communication facilities, control of their technical condition and compliance with established operating rules;
  • performing works on lighting of flights and all production activities of the airport;
  • repair and maintenance of aircrafts and spacecrafts, namely repair and maintenance of electronic and optical equipment;
  • aircraft maintenance for all types of maintenance.

Requirements to an Applicant, Expected Functions of a Member of the Supervisory Board of Boryspil IA SE, Field of Competence of a Member of the Supervisory Board

In accordance with the principles of formation of the supervisory board of Boryspil IA SE, an applicant for the position of a representative of the state must meet the following requirements:

  • higher education, in particular in the fields of management and administration, transport, finance, economics, audit, production and technology, international relations or law;
  • at least five years of experience in managerial positions;
  • full civil capacity;
  • no outstanding convictions.

A candidate for the position of a member of the supervisory board must have the appropriate level of competence in accordance with the company’s business profile in at least the following areas:

  • large enterprise management, corporate governance;
  • business management and development, operational management;
  • aviation services, development of aviation industry, functioning of aviation transport, development of airport infrastructure, logistics, ERP and IT management and information security systems, development of new areas, long-haul programs, transfer passenger flows;
  • risk management, finance and audit;
  • investment activity, law, international capital markets;
  • labor and social relations.

A candidate for the position of a representative of the state in the supervisory board must have an impeccable business reputation, observe the principles of impartiality and integrity, devote time to developing and maintaining his or her professional knowledge and skills.

A candidate must meet such criteria as required by the legislation of Ukraine

A person who is a founder, shareholder (member), manager and/or member of the supervisory board of an enterprise, another business entity that operates in the same or related markets as Boryspil IA SE may not be a member of the supervisory board of Boryspil IA SE.

To participate in the selection, an applicant shall personally submit and/or send by email the following documents:

application for participation in the selection (in Ukrainian and English);

copies of the document certifying identity and citizenship, work record card (if any) or documents proving work experience. Such information should include the exact period of the position(s) occupied; job title; a general set of responsibilities performed in the above positions; number of employees subordinated;

copies of the document on higher education;

CV (resume);

consent to the processing of personal data (in Ukrainian and English);

references (if any).

The applicant shall be responsible for the inaccuracy of the submitted documents.

The relevant documents shall be submitted by 6 p.m. Kyiv time, December 3, 2019 in the Ukrainian and English languages to email: CV@me.gov.ua

or to the address: 01008, Kyiv, 12/2 M. Hrushevskoho St., Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

For enquiries, please, call:

+38 (044) 200 47 73 (add. 32-97), Vladyslav Streletz (Secretariat of the Committee for the Appointment of Managers of Enterprises of Particular Importance for the Economy)

Documents are accepted within five business days after the date of publication of the announcement.

The results of the selection will be made public within thirty calendar days after the completion of acceptance of documents.

Information on the financial and economic situation of Boryspil IA SE is attached.