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Maksym Nefiodov elected as member of Open Contracting Partnership advisory board
12.06.2018 | 11:51 | Directorate for relations with state bodies and public

On June 7-8, Washington (the United States) hosted a meeting of an independent advisory board of Open Contracting Partnership. First Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister of Ukraine Maksym Nefiodov took part in the meeting as its member for the first time. He was elected to the board on June 1, 2018.

Maksym Nefiodov was invited into the advisory board of Open Contracting Partnership thanks to his achievements in reformation of public procurements in Ukraine. The advisory board has noted the role of Maksym Nefiodov in introduction of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) in ProZorro procurement system, disclosure of information about procurements and successful promotion of the Ukrainian experience internationally.

Open Contracting Partnership is an independent international program to support and consult in application of open data in the sector of public contracts and public procurements. It was established upon an initiative of a number of globally recognized experts in the field of public administration and finance within the structure of the World Bank in 2012.

The program aims to develop, support and promote the OCDS to economize funds and other resources of international governments, to render better services to and provide better goods for citizens, to prevent corruption and create better business environment.

So far, a total of 35 countries followed recommendations of Open Contracting Partnership to introduce the OCDS in public procurements. At present, the OCDS is used by 17 governmental public procurements agencies in different countries.

*Open Contracting Partnership is engaged in development of Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), major global standard of open data in public procurements. Such standard allows its users and partner organizations all around the world to publish available data, unite and compare it with own information.

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